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3 Essential Pieces Of Truck Wheel Servicing Equipment

Maintenance technician servicing truck tyre changing

If you operate a mobile truck tyre changer store or any kind of workshop that services large vehicles on the road, then tyre changes are naturally going to make up a significant portion of the work you do. To provide the best service possible, you should consider investing in new and improved forms of truck wheel servicing equipment.

Of course, investing in mobile truck tyre changer or any new machinery for your business is not something you will do without being fully informed of the features and benefits of each piece of gear. The following will examine 3 essential pieces of truck wheel servicing equipment used today so you can make an informed choice.

1.   Tyre changers

A tyre changer is the quintessential piece of truck wheel servicing equipment found in modern garaged and vehicle workshops. As the name implies, this machine assists with the mount and dismount of tyres on vehicles. This type of machinery comes in different varieties with different capabilities for tyres of varying sizes.

Above all, tyre changers save time when completing service on a heavy vehicle. This means that the service can take less time and get the customer back on the road much sooner.

Examples of the best tyre changers include:


This is one of the most popular options for tractor and truck wheel servicing equipment out there. Designed and manufactured in Italy, with its predecessors being a standard for Australian tyre changers for a quarter of a century. At default, they service tyres up to 46” but can be equipped with PA extensions to serve 56” tyres.

Guernet Tyrebox

This is a one-of-a-kind fully hydraulic tyre changer that is combined with a diesel compressor. This unit is specially designed for mobile outdoor use to service customers on the road. It allows any diesel mechanic to efficiently perform service and maintenance.

2.   Jacks

Another essential piece of truck wheel servicing equipment is tyre jacks that allow easy and safe access to the tyre that needs to be changed. As with other products, jacks come in a variety of makes designed to bear different weights.

Due to the extreme weight of the vehicles that you are servicing, hydraulic jacks are necessary. They are lighter and easier to use than screw jacks, and also less at risk of rusting.

3.   Tyre balancers

A tyre balancer is a vital piece of truck wheel servicing equipment that ensures weight is evenly distributed. This is done to make sure that the tyre is going to spin smoothly when the vehicle reaches high speed.

A tyre balancer spins the tyre in place and allows for accurate measurement of where weight needs to be distributed. It is a crucial piece of truck wheel servicing equipment for ensuring the ongoing safety of a vehicle on the road. It does this by preventing irregularities in the tyres from causing a bouncing motion that compromises the vehicles’ centre of gravity.

Tyre balancing is an essential service required by mobile tyre services and garages that service large vehicles.

There is a lot to think about when you are weighing up the different options you have for truck wheel servicing equipment you may want to invest in. If you already have and make frequent use of these tools, then it’s always a good idea to consider the benefits of upgrading to a superior alternative to what you currently employ.

Ultimately, newer pieces of truck wheel servicing equipment have more utility built into them and save more time. When you can reduce the time each service takes, you can fit more into a standard day and make your business more profile overall.

Hopefully, the above has given you some helpful insight into the 3 most essential pieces of truck wheel servicing equipment.

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