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Advantages of the internet

The internet has become a necessity. It is impossible to imagine life without the internet. Schools, hospitals, businesses, banks, houses, corporate enterprises or mobile phones the internet is everywhere. The internet is considered one of the best creation of technology. The internet has made life quite comfortable and convenient.

Advantages of the internet
1. Information and knowledge: With the help of the internet, one can access information on any topic within seconds. The internet has made learning a fun activity. The internet can be considered as a big library which contains information on all subjects and fields. On the internet, learning can be done by means of basic reading, audios as well as videos.
2. Communication and connectivity: the internet has changed the entire communication system. Letters have been replaced by emails, landlines by smartphones and many more. Through video calling and chat, the internet has brought everyone close to near and dear ones. The forum is a new way of conferencing. It provides an open platform where people having same interest can share their views.
3. GPS technology: Another important advantage of the internet is GPS. Mapping and addresses on GPS have brought all the addresses at fingertips. Reaching to the destination has become quite easy and convenient. Besides this, the internet also helps to locate required services like a plumber, food services, etc. in the given area.
4. Breakthrough in shopping and banking field: online shopping has brought buyers and suppliers closer to each other. Online shopping is all about convenience, time-saving, easy access, more variety of products and competitive prices.
5. More profits for businesses: the internet has open new gates of opportunities for businesses. With the help of the internet, sellers can sell their goods 24/7 and that too to customers all over the World. Most of the purchases are done without middlemen and as a result, profits go directly to the seller.
6. Entertainment: smart TV and Smartphone are the best examples of entertainment via the internet. An individual can watch movies, songs, videos and can even play games online.
7. Cloud storage and computing: accessing information anywhere and from anyplace has been made possible because of the internet.

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