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Classification of business on ownership basis

In simple terms, a business can be defined as trade done to earn money. Business cans either involve the selling of product or services. All businesses aim at gaining more and more profits. From ownership, businesses can be classified into seven categories. 1. Proprietorship: this is one of the simplest forms of business. In such […]

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Incorporating Bold Colors Into Every Room

The latest home décor trends point to bright and bold colors throughout the home. Bright yellow, green and magenta have made their way into homes across the country. This might have you thinking about trying a few of your favorites in your home. Incorporating bold colors does come with a slight risk. There’s a chance […]

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Advantages of the internet

The internet has become a necessity. It is impossible to imagine life without the internet. Schools, hospitals, businesses, banks, houses, corporate enterprises or mobile phones the internet is everywhere. The internet is considered one of the best creation of technology. The internet has made life quite comfortable and convenient. Advantages of the internet 1. Information […]

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