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Clever interior design illusions that will fool your mind

Interior designing has long been considered as a sign of class and elegance. While beautiful patterns and latest trends are often used to add an oomph factor to the interiors, there are also some clever tactics used by various settings to subtly influence the human mind with deceptive interior designs and decorations. Have you ever noticed why dining rooms in restaurants have low lighting or lobbies and corridors often have patterned carpets? It’s not all a coincidence but carefully designed interiors placed as such to create an illusion for your gullible brain.

Calming Blue

Blue is universally considered a calming color. Thus many bedrooms in hotels and lodges are often painted blue to help you relax. Even spas and resorts have a soothing blue background to help you loosen up and enjoy yourselves in a calm setting.

Black and white floors

You might have noticed that many hotel lobbies have floors that are often tiled black and white. This is specifically done to create the illusion of a rough floor which in turn makes you walk faster. This helps promote the faster flow of foot traffic and thus avoid slow crowds.

Mirror and space

Strategically placed mirrors are known to create the illusion of a wider space. If a combination of mirrors is placed at positions that are just right, then the interiors often look wider and more spacious than they are. Mirrors add a deceptive depth to any room by reflecting light in a particular manner.

Green Hunger

The color green is believed to the most perceptible by the human eyes and is the easiest color to focus on for long periods of time. It is believed to have a soothing effect and can also induce hunger. Thus dining rooms in restaurants often have green walls.

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