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Dorm Room Decor That Adds Personality and Functionality

Since you can’t paint the walls or otherwise alter dorm room finishes, add swaths of color in other creative ways. Brightly colored, patterned bedding is a start, and a great area rug adds comfort underfoot while hiding humdrum flooring. You can also adorn built-in bulletin boards with colorful fabric or art paper, or create your own gallery-style backdrops by covering cork board or thick foam core cut to fit custom-painted frames.

Make room for visitors and extra gear with double-duty dorm accessories like small storage benches and ottomans. Oversize floor pillows are colorful, cushy seating options, and easily stow away in a corner or under a bed. You can also add ambience and utility with a slim, trim floor lamp that casts a glow to supplement standard dorm room light fixtures.

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