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Homeowner 101: Caring For Timber Outdoor Furniture

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If you have recently renovated your home or relocated to a new home with a backyard patio, then you’ll want to deck out your brand-new entertaining space with some high-quality timber outdoor furniture. Once you’ve purchased some beautiful patio furnishings, you’ll want to be doing everything you can to properly take care of your new items and preserve their value/durability as long as possible. If you’ve never had to properly maintain timber outdoor furniture for whatever reasons, here are some great tips you can use to get the most out of it!


Use covers

You can easily buy covers for your timber outdoor furniture, regardless of the type. These covers are great for those wet or windy days, when you’re not getting much use out of your patio. Even better, if you have an area in your backyard that is sheltered, like a gardening shed, which could fit a few of the items, you should certainly use it during the winter months. Otherwise, these covers do a great job of protecting your furnishings when not used and during inclement weather.


Simple cloth for light cleaning

If you just want to do a round of simple, light cleaning, all you need is a moist hand cloth. You can either lubricate the cloth with water or a light soapy solution and apply to the wood when dry. However, before applying, make sure you remove any superficial dust because if you don’t, the watery solution will just soak the dirt and grime further into your timber outdoor furniture. Furthermore, it is crucial that you dry the wood quickly, since leaving the wood soaked or wet can cause rot.


Deeper cleaning

For deeper cleaning efforts, you should use a scrubbing brush (soft bristles), mixed with water and dishwasher detergent. Depending on the wood type, oxygen bleach might be suitable. A deeper cleaning is only necessary if the wood has nasty stains or mould forming on the surface. Otherwise, a simple, quick clean with a cloth will suffice.

When using a brush, make sure you scrub in the direction of the wood grains. If you have a light sander available, consider using that on the surface (again, sand in line with the grain), before rinsing off the surface with water. Remember, dry your timber outdoor furniture as quickly as possible.


Using sealants

If you have just purchased some new furnishings for your patio and want the surface wood to retain its vibrancy and colour, a sealant can help preserve this. Basically, a sealant provides an added layer of protection to your wood, thereby shielding it from climatic elements. Nonetheless, it is still recommended that you use a timber outdoor furniture cover as well as apply a sealant, just for that added level of protection. Sealants need to be applied every few years and to apply properly, you will need to wash and sand the surface before applying.


Last minute tips

Don’t go straight into a deep clean. If you’re trying to remove some nasty marks or stains, it’s always best to see if a light clean will get the job done. If the stains are still there, then clearly further cleaning is required.

White vinegar is also known for being quite effective when it comes to removing stains on timber outdoor furniture. Some people are hesitant to apply detergent to wood and if you are one of these people, simply switch over to white vinegar.

Clean your timber outdoor furniture as frequently as possible, since this will minimise the likelihood of stains remaining permanent. Bird droppings sunscreen should be removed as soon as possible. Before apply anything to the wood surface, make sure you read the product’s manual, just to verify what can and can’t be applied to it.




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