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How to Make Inexpensive Wedding Invitations For Your Guest List

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Couples who reminisce over their collective project to design and send wedding invitations will have some interesting tales to tell.

Some will get the assistance of credible local businesses while others will get into a fun glitter fight in the living room.

No two experiences will be the same, but there will be overlapping themes at play.

What can sometimes emerge is the subject of money and how much this endeavour actually cost the pair.

When calculating this price on top of the wedding itself compromising venue hire, accommodation, catering, attire and beyond, it helps to keep this figure in check as much as possible.

We will outline how some couples managed to keep their budget in check while producing a cherished item for the guests.


1) Shop for Material Deals

Time is one of the greatest assets that couples have as they embark on creating wedding invitations for their entire guest list. The more of this that is available, women and men have the opportunity to scour the web, engage local designers, printers and others who could assist with this project. There are outlets who will offer seasonal deals for winter or summer card packages, while others can deliver envelopes and card stocks at a discounted deal to entice new business. Getting a wide perspective of the industry helps to determine where a good deal can be found rather than settling for an overpriced provider just because it feels convenient to use at the time.


2) Embrace DIY Techniques

The creation of wedding invitations can be costly when couples decide to leave the creative side of the project to a third party. In 2020 there are thousands upon thousands of websites that offer free customisable templates to use. This will help partners who want to be able to see what styles are available and what theme to stick with. It can range from the contemporary to the classical, or the destination designs to seasonal or alternative card productions. They are free to download and easy to manipulate.


3) Source Some Help

Yes the idea of ‘Do It Yourself’ is essential when crafting wedding invitations for the guest list, but there is no shame letting others do some of the heavy liftings for this special project. Especially for those who are automatic invites and won’t be caught off guard by the news, this is a great way to save on some time and cash. Get them to order some of the materials and to offer their input for style and substance. Even just the task of double-checking the written information is beneficial, ensuring there are no typos or missing details that could leave guests confused.


4) Skip The Fancy Features

The idea of beauty through simplicity is true, regardless of what professional designers will say with wedding invitations. Engravings and embossing features do provide an extra degree of prestige and elegance to the product, but is it worth increasing the price of the project by anywhere from 25-75% just to improve the aesthetics and texture on the margins? That is a big call to make when thinking about future expenses, so the best approach to take in this respect is to avoid the fancy features. The return on investment mark doesn’t weigh up.


5) Printing Extra Copies as a Contingency

A great budget tip for couples who are not 110% sure on the composition of their guest list should keep their template on hand and have extra copies ready. This is essential for partners who could see a plus one or an overseas family member enter the equation. Rather than being sold short with wedding invitations and having to reorder new stock at the last minute, a handful of spares will be a budget-savvy move. It’s a small step to take but is a commonsense approach when crafting wedding invitations.



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