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The basic principles of interior designing

It is said that every house speaks about the qualities and personalities of the people who live in that house. Interior design plays a very important role in converting a house into a dream home. Interior designing is an art in which the interior of the house is the canvas and the person designing the interiors of the house is the artist. Just like any art, the basic design is made keeping in mind the requirements of the people who are going to live in that house.

Interior designing covers all the stages from planning the design to the execution of the designs. Furnishings, as well as the architectural interiors, also form the part of interior designing.
Points to keep in mind while doing the interiors of the house are given below:
• Understanding the inner style of the owner of the place. It is very important to understand the needs and expectations of the owner of the place.
• What purpose does the room serve? Whether it is redoing a room or designing the interiors of the new house, it is very important to be clear about the purpose for which that room is going to be used for example the interiors of the playing area for kids will be different from the interiors of the master bedroom.
• Spatial awareness: Furniture, lighting or placing other accessories in the room highly depends on the size of the room.
• Use of light: correct use of natural and electrical lighting make a room look trendy and stylish whereas poor lighting may spoil the entire soul of the room. As a result, the interiors may look dull and less appealing.
• Colors: a good understanding of colors is very important for designing the interiors of the place. Different colors represent different moods. One wrong color may spoil the entire purpose of the room.
• Furnishing and fabrics: these add a personal touch to the interiors of the house. There is no hard and fast rule as far as the furnishing is concerned. It mostly depends on the liking and the budget of the owner.
Detailed design and proper planning and execution results in beautiful house interiors.

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