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Tips for Buying Glasses Online

prescription glasses

Purchasing prescription glasses online might feel like a treacherous practice without having a touch and feel for the item in store.

Whilst this is an understandable approach, there are many benefits that can be enjoyed by opening up to the entire marketplace at a convenient click of a button.

To get the most out of this venture, it is worthwhile following some key tips when purchasing prescription glasses.

Know Your Pupillary Distance Measurement

The distance between the centers of your two pupils is called the pupillary distance. You need to have this measurement in millimetres when sourcing glasses online. A clear and coherent prescription from an optometrist will provide these details, as anyone can drop by to these professional outlets to have this measurement carried out. They will also be able to inform consumers as to their face shape, giving them a head start on their shopping activities.

Have a Feel for a Frame Style

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The feel for the frame style is paramount when sourcing glasses online. Of course there will either be a medical need, a practical requirement or simply an aesthetic upgrade that wants to be enjoyed, but the style will help to dictate the nature of the endeavour from start to finish, filtering through brands at a faster pace. From the rimless and half-rimless frame selections to round, square, oval and diamond shaped options according to face shape – knowing these details beforehand expedites the process tenfold.

Stick to Trustworthy Brands

There is only one tactic that really rings true when acquiring glasses online – stick to trustworthy brands. Whether you are sourcing a pair of prescription glasses or simply want a stylistic item to keep the glare out during the day, don’t run the risk of running through an unknown quantity. These outlets like to operate in the shadows and attract users that are on the hunt for a bargain, but they make it difficult to hold them to account if the goods don’t arrive, get lost, become damaged or simply aren’t what was advertised. That lack of accountability makes it even harder to run through consumer protection bodies and fight the matter legally, a situation no one wants to encounter or endure.

Purchase Through Provider That Gives Transactional Guarantees and Safety Measures

Protecting the integrity of the purchase is a significant priority for consumers who want to source glasses online without encountering black market operators. There are some outlets who exist in the shadows, promoting themselves as legitimate businesses without offering the appropriate safety measures. In 2019 there is always a risk that a consumer will find a site that sells the goods they require without protecting their credit card, address or Paypal details. Ensure that the company gives these assurances before providing them with any such sensitive materials.

Don’t Feel Obligated to Purchase Extravagant Extras

If you happen to come across an outlet for buying glasses online, there will be dozens of additional extras that look to be enticing. Whilst they sound good on the surface, you should not be under any obligation to purchase them. From the polycarbonate lens that offers a scratch-resistant surface to a polarised lens that enhances the contrast or high-index plastic that gives a thinner and lighter exterior, the choice is yours to make. Outside of any insurance or return policies that protects the integrity of the purchase, don’t feel obliged to include these extras just because they sound like a good idea.

By applying some common sense and having a solid understanding of the market and the expectations upon providers, purchasing prescription glasses online should not be a stressful and arduous process. Have your details ready and know what fits and styles will be suitable. The rest of the activity should be relatively straightforward, comparing brands on their merits and the extras they can throw in at no added cost.

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