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What Is Telehealth Chiropractic Care?

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Now more than ever getting things done online is essential, with the pandemic keeping everyone inside but this makes it difficult for many people looking to care for their health and wellbeing as many kinds of therapies often involve in-person appointments.

Luckily, the health profession has been quick to innovate and that has led to the development of clever telehealth chiropractic options. What is it, why do we need it and who should use it? Find out below:

What is telehealth chiropractice care?

Traditionally chiropractors will provide manual treatment to patients in person in order to treat a variety of conditions of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, but for some patients, it’s not possible to attend sessions in person – especially right now where social distancing restrictions are preventing some practices from operating as they usually would.

Telehealth chiropractic care is an interactive service that allows patients to work with practitioners virtually. Patients are able to get treatment over their computer, tablets or smartphone, ideal for patients who are practicing isolation or who are unable to physically attend clinics.

Whilst most people think about manual adjustments when visiting practitioners, it is actually only one small component of stimulating the nervous system and restoring function in the body.

With telehealth chiropractic services, practitioners can still assess your movement and function to diagnose affected areas and any issues and come up with a prognosis for your condition.

Telehealth chiropractic care allows practitioners to provide tailored advice to help manage your condition, such as advice on pain management, activity modifications or about what you should be doing to help alleviate any issues.

They can also demonstrate the techniques and movements you can do at home, such as showing you dynamic movements, soft tissues releases and stretches.

Practitioners can prescribe specific rehab programs to help to prevent reoccurrence or help with injury management.

Virtual video chats and calls can also help your practitioner to assess whether any form corrections are needed and they can advise on any changes you need to make. It is also a great time to discuss anything that isn’t working for you and try new exercises.

If you are currently undertaking a program to try and monitor a condition then virtual calls are a great way to monitor your progress and ensure that you are on track and meeting important goals.

Interactive online sessions are also the ideal time to discuss any issues or concerns with your practitioner.

Why do we need it?

The expertise of trained practitioners cannot be matched by a quick search online and it’s important to get advice from an expert to ensure that you do not inadvertently worsen your condition by improperly performing stretch, releases or other exercises. Providers have the knowledge and experience to answer your questions and look after your specific concerns. Following the wrong advice could lead to a flare-up in your symptoms. Information found online is not always accurate, up to date or relevant, it’s important to get tailored advice specific to your condition.

Who should use it?

Telehealth chiropractic care is ideal for those who are experiencing pain or other issues related to their musculoskeletal system or their nervous system who are not able to attend an in-person appointment as practitioners are still able to be effective in diagnosing conditions and providing advice. It’s also great for those with chronic conditions that require ongoing management and care. For those who are suffering from acute pain which has come on suddenly or if symptoms are progressing negatively then patients should make an in-clinic appointment or speak to a health care provider.

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